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Automated Voice Response

AVR Dispatch

Every stage of a linehaul trip must be logged using the FedEx AVR system. The AVR system must be used regardless if a tractor is hauling empties, loaded trailers, bobtailing, or going to a customer “spot” run. Drivers must log their trip using AVR before leaving the origin destination and then again upon arrival at the destination. 


Note: The Vector app can be used instead of AVR only at hub locations.

How to Use AVR

  1. Call the FedEx AVR system at (888) 867-1142

  2. Enter your tractor number

  3. Select either: Linehaul Dispatch (option #1) or Arrival (option #2)

  4. Note: if completing a customer "spot" run, select P&D (option #4)

  5. Follow the prompts given by the system to enter origin and destination codes, trailer numbers, and other requested information.

  6. Do not hang up until you hear the following confirmation message:


“You have successfully completed an entry into the FedEx AVR System.
Thank you. Goodbye." 


If you cannot use the AVR system for any reason contact Citizen Trucking Driver Support

or the associated FedEx hub. 

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