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Entry Level Driving Program

The Entry Level Driving Program (ELDP) is designed to give new CDL A drivers an expedited path to becoming fully certified to drive for Citizen Trucking and our wide range of partners.  

Initial Requirements

Candidates must meet the following requirements to be eligible to join the ELPD program:

1. Must have authorization to work in the USA

2. Must be at least 21 years old

3. Graduated fro a pre-approved driving school 

4. Cannot have any felonies in the last 10 years

5. Must have a clean driving record

Program Details

  • Program will last a minimum of 3 months 

  • Candidate must complete the program within 9 months 

  • Candidate must complete 96 hours of observed drive time by a lead driver

  • Candidate must complete 204 hours of drive time with a lead driver

  • All hours of service must be electronically logged and submitted within 48 hours of each trip

  • Candidate must not have any safety incidents or violations during their time in the program

  • Candidate must successfully pass a road test following the completion of their 300 hours of drive time

Compensation & Benefits

Candidates participating in the ELDP program will be eligible for compensation and full company benefits throughout their time in the ELDP program. All candidates will be guaranteed a full time position upon their successful completion of the ELDP program. Compensation during the program will include:

  • Candidates will receive a stipend of $150 per day during the initial period of 96 hours of observed drive time 

  • Candidates will receive the standard team driver pay rate during their 204 hours of drive time with a lead driver

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