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Truck Stop Chains You Should Visit

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

After long hours spent on the road, truck stops have a lot to offer drivers on the job. The most popular truck stops around the country help break up the drive, and provide a number of ways for truckers to unwind after a shift. Here are a few of the top truck stop chains to visit.

1. Love’s Travel Stops

There’s a lot to love about Love’s Travel Stops, with over 500 locations available around the nation. Truckers have a chance to refuel their vehicles, seek mechanical services, and receive tire care during their journeys. They also offer shops with travel items, and restaurants with food to go, snacks, and coffee to keep you moving.

2. Mach 1

Mach 1 is a family-owned and -operated chain scattered throughout the American heartland, with locations in Illinois and Indiana. There’s space for truck parking, in addition to fuel, restrooms, and showers. Truckers can shop for snacks, soft drinks, and coffee at their convenience stores, or enjoy fast food from a favorite chain.

3. Pilot Flying J

With over 700 locations across the country, the biggest truck stop chain in North America is a reliable go-to for a variety of trucking needs. Pilot Flying J provides fueling stations, parking reservations, a truck wash, service for tires, oil, and road maintenance, plus they have CAT scales for weighing semi trucks and other big rigs. Drivers can also find onsite showers, laundry services, food and beverages for sale, Wi-fi access, and fun game rooms.

4. Sapp Bros. Travel Centers

Sapp Bros. has become another favorite among truckers, with 17 travel centers based around the United States. Known as a leading petroleum distributor, their truck service centers cater to the industry and long-haul drivers on the job. You’ll find fill up stations, restaurants with full menus and grab-and-go options, restrooms, and scales for weigh-ins.

5. Speedway

Another king of convenience that serves all motorists, Speedway has locations throughout the East and Midwest. Their location in Disputanta, Virginia has a trucking lounge that lets you take a break from the road, along with parking spaces for big rigs and restaurant dining. At each Speedway you’ll find filling stations and hot food or coffee to go.

6. TA Travel Center and Petro Truck Stops

TA Travel Center and Petro Truck Stops are all about drivers getting a chance to refresh, refuel, and repair. Drivers can make parking reservations, fill up, grab a bite, get some coffee, receive truck maintenance, and stay active at their fitness stations. This is a great feature, especially since fleet managers often encourage drivers to practice healthy habits on the road and follow tips for truck stop safety.

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